The Nutcracker provides an exciting opportunity for students to perform in a professional environment on stage. For many, it is an experience they will treasure for years to come. Participation requires a substantial time commitment from both parents and dancers. The following is a list of the requirements to participate:

1. Rehearsals:    Nutcracker rehearsals begin Saturday, September 19 and run through December 20.
ALL rehearsals will be held at Center Stage Dance School located at 268 N. Lincoln, Corona
. Most rehearsals will be held on Saturdays. Rehearsal times will run from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on casting. Rehearsals will be scheduled between the hours of 1:00 - 6:30 pm. Rehearsals will be posted at Center Stage & online. It is your responsibility to know when your rehearsal time is. As we get closer to performances, the schedule will vary. We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Weekend.

2. Absences: As this is a professional production, you are only allowed two excused rehearsals. Excused misses are for illness and family emergencies; not parties, sport competitions and non planned vacations. Any unexcused absence may result in a dancer losing a role. The only way to maintain a high artistic standard is to have all dancers at all rehearsals. You may feel your dancer "knows their part" but choreography changes regularly and the other dancers need your dancer's presence to achieve the sense of ensemble required for a fine performance. Note: NO REFUNDS are given for missed rehearsals.

3. Casting: Many criteria apply for casting roles. Costume sizing, age, dependability, maturity, showmanship and technical level are all considered. Most roles will be double cast and the casting will be listed shortly before ticket sales. Keep in mind, there is no value attached to casting. If your double becomes ill or is unable to perform, you will be asked to cover their performances. Understudies are very important since you never know when you may need to step in.

4. Costumes: Costume rentals are part of your rehearsal fee. Dancers are expected to furnish their own tights, shoes, hair requirements and undergarment leotards for girls as needed.

5. Technique class: Specific roles will require the dancers to take a set number of ballet classes per week. Rehearsal is to learn choreography, not to be a substitute for class. If you fall into this category, we will discuss your needed requirements personally.

6. Volunteering: Parents of performers will be required to volunteer for a variety of tasks. There are many tasks that need to be done to produce a live professional production. More details will be discussed at the parent mandatory meeting. Costs can stay affordable largely because of the enormous volunteer effort on the part of the parents and students. Your volunteering is the only way we can keep this tradition going from year to year. It is fun and rewarding to work as a team.

7. Fund Raising: All dancers/parents are required to participate in one fund raiser. As a nonprofit, fund raising is an important source of income to cover costume, rehearsal and theater costs. More will be discussed at the parent meeting.

Once your dancer is cast, the production fees and contract will be due at the mandatory parent meeting.