1.     Carry a small dance bag with the following:

            A) Make up in a marked bag to refresh if needed.
            B) Extra pair of tights in case they tear.
            C) Dance shoes -DO NOT FORGET YOUR SHOES.
                 Please put name on shoes.

2.     Have your make up and hair (no bangs, please) done PRIOR to arrival.

3.     Please wear your tights WITHOUT PANTY LINES. If you are wearing tights, please no under wear       (only a throng will work if necessary) looks unprofessional to see underwear hanging out on stage for specific costumes. (You have tights on plus the costume has an attached leotard. There is plenty of coverage.)

4.     ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY includes PIERCED EARRINGS. Dangerous to the ballerina if that         earring came out & she tripped on it. We will enforce to avoid injure to the dancers. REMOVE NAIL POLISH.

5.     Please wear easy to change clothes & LABEL EVERYTHING.
        We suggest your leotard with name taped on it.

6.     Dancers will check in at the far right door at the front of the theater. Same area has the entrance to the    theater. Performances located at Centennial High School.

 o  Friday, December 18 - Cast Green/Blue Check in time: 6:15 pm Pick up time: 9:15 pm

 o  Saturday, December 19 - Cast Red/Blue Check in time: 12:15 pm Pick up time: 3:15 pm

  o Saturday, December 19 - Cast Green/Blue Check in time: 5:15 pm Pick up time: 8:15 pm

 o Sunday, December 20 - Cast Red/Blue Check in time: 2:15 pm Pick up time: 5:15 pm

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Only bring what is necessary to the theater. NO FOOD OR DRINK BACKSTAGE. Only water bottles are allowed.

Thank you for all of your hard work. We look forward to a fantastic Nutcracker.